Zoloft (Sertraline)

Zoloft and its active action

The Generic Zoloft drug belongs to the Generic class, which accurately copies original preparations without loss of quality. The main ingredient of Zoloft is Generic Sertraline, which acts as a powerful antidepressant. Zoloft is quite a popular medicine precisely because of its powerful effect.

Sertraline without prescription is a real opportunity for many people to buy Zoloft online and get a high-quality antidepressant directed to treat many diseases.

Zoloft tablets

Outwardly, Generic Zoloft differs a little from conventional tablets: this preparation has a dense shell, which is practically impossible to dissolve quickly in a liquid. Because the membrane gradually dissolves, allowing Sertraline to penetrate into the blood, the Zoloft effect remains long, powerful, but smooth.


Zoloft and other preparations based on Sertraline should not be taken if you have problems with internal organs. Any liver and kidney disease can become a problem because the effect of Sertraline will be rendered in a negative way. You can buy Sertraline online and take Zoloft without prescription; however, this is not recommended if:

  • you have neuroses,
  • you have problems in neurology,
  • your body affected by strict diets.

If the patient is too young (less than 6 years old) or is a pregnant and lactating woman, Zoloft is strictly prohibited, as is other drugs based on Sertraline. This negatively affects the development of the child.

Amount of preparation

Generic Zoloft can be assigned to a patient individually, depending on his or her condition. The minimum dose of Sertraline in one tablet is 25 mg. This amount is sufficient to treat a disease of a low level of severity, as well as for admission by children and the elderly people. If your body has responded positively to taking this medication and you want to get a more powerful effect, increase the dosage and monitor your condition at all times. For patients over 13 years of age, the daily allowance may not exceed 50 mg. If you do not have any contraindications and you want to use this drug for a maximum, then your maximal dosage will be 200 mg for a period of no more than six months.


When accepting Zoloft, observe the following instructions:

  • do not take Sertraline in an amount greater than normal,
  • each increase in dosage should be made not earlier than two weeks, even in the case of a positive reaction of the body,
  • elderly patients are not recommended to generally increase the dosage of Zoloft more than 25 mg.


Sertraline helps to provoke the work of neurons, it does not affect psychomotor, but its effect is so gradual that you will fully feel it only after a week of use.

The complex effect of this drug helps to affect the body maximally gently. This means that Zoloft is not addictive; you can easily stop treatment. Zoloft has a minimum impact on your internal organs; you will not feel negative if you do not have any diseases related to the liver, kidneys, heart, etc.

Third-party effects

Sertraline often provokes the appearance of such side effects as:

  • insomnia and other sleep disorders,
  • unstable work of the stomach,
  • fast fatigability,
  • mood swings,
  • allergy in any form,
  • hallucinations,
  • influence on the libido.

All these effects are usually quite weak, but there is always the risk of a more powerful effect. If your side effects are too aggressive and worry you for a long time, seek medical attention. You can say that you have taken Zoloft so that it was easier for the doctor to eliminate the side effects from the effects of Sertraline.

Risk of overdose

Overdose also provokes side effects, but much more severe, for example:

  • nausea and vomiting,
  • disturbance of the heart,
  • serious problems with sleep.

Among the side effects, problems with erectile function are often identified, but the effect can be directly opposite, depending on the individual reaction of the organism. If you contact a doctor, he or she will easily solve this problem in any form.

Additional information

The best option for taking Sertraline as a part of Zoloft is in a hospital under the constant supervision of a doctor. Zoloft can be used at home, but in this case, you need to observe the dosage. Do not mix Zoloft with inhibitors or other strong antidepressants. The active Zoloft phase can have a negative impact on the state of your concentration, attention, memory, etc. It is strongly recommended not to work with cars, do not drive, exclude work with special equipment, etc. This can provoke negative consequences and cause accidents and discomfort. Keep the drug strictly within the expiry date; dispose it after the expiry date. Do not allow children or pets taking it accidentally.

How can I buy Zoloft?

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