Lasix (Furosemide)

Lasix: data on the preparation

Generic Lasix is a drug that actively affects the kidneys. Using Lasix, you can get rid of excess fluid in the body, which usually becomes the cause of edema. Generic Furosemide is the main component of Lasix; it acts as a diuretic.

Generic Lasix washes away from the body not only excess harmful moisture but also a lot of harmless substances. Therefore, during treatment with Furosemide as part of Lasix and other means, you need to monitor the level of beneficial minerals in your blood. In order to eliminate and neutralize this effect, simply take vitamins and minerals as a separate vitamin-mineral complex of drugs.


Generic Furosemide without prescription in our pharmacy is your chance to get rid of such trouble as edema. Furosemide in the composition of Lasix will easily relieve you of excess fluid, will purify the body and add lightness to your gait and movements. Most often, the accumulation of excess fluid in the body is associated with impaired kidneys and liver. Generic Lasix helps to identify the problem and influence on it. You can take the opportunity to buy Furosemide online to treat cirrhosis to any degree: even if you have this disease at the extreme stage, Lasix will greatly alleviate your pain and discomfort. You can buy Lasix online in any quantity; try to calculate the amount of the necessary preparation in advance.


Several aspects prohibit the use of Lasix as a therapeutic drug in the cases where the patient has:

  • troubles with the kidneys,
  • allergy to active ingredients,
  • troubles with the balance of minerals,
  • stenosis.

Using Lasix without prescription can provoke the aggravation of symptoms of diseases such as diabetes. It can do more harm than good in this case. Also, if you have problems with the heart and intestines, the use of Lasix may be undesirable. If you have any of the above diseases, as well as any other diseases of the internal organs, it is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor for help in choosing the dosage. It is possible that the doctor will choose an analog of Lasix based on another active ingredient, so as not to risk.

You will find detailed instructions on the packaging of the drug with Furosemide, including contraindications to the use. If you feel that the effect of the drug has stopped or is not being treated properly, you can completely stop taking Lasix. Over time, this drug is able to lose its properties, because the body produces immunity to it.


If you use Lasix for a long time, try to monitor the results of the tests regularly. This is necessary to ensure that the treatment does not result in a shortage of nutrients in the blood and does not provoke more serious problems.

It is important not to mix Lasix and other preparations based on Furosemide with alcohol or other potent tablets, as this can be dangerous. The risk group for this drug includes the elderly people. This means that the elderly patients should take special care of the reaction of his or her body to this drug.

Admissible dosage

The amount of Lasix that you can use during the day varies from 20 to 80 mg, depending on the desired effect. The amount of the drug depends on what additional pills you take.

Third-party effects

Since Lasix is a powerful drug that can affect the composition of the blood, you can experience some side effects. There are a number of the most common effects that can pass by themselves. If these side effects worry you too much, ask your doctor for help:

  • headache,
  • heartache,
  • cramps,
  • loss of consciousness,
  • dizziness.

The severity of side effects largely depends on how much drug you take, what you mix it with and what level of severity your disease is. If you take Lasix for a long time, doctors recommend excluding from the diet fatty and fried, as well as excessively salty and sweet. It is recommended to adhere to dietary nutrition for normalization of the body and complete elimination of edema. Also, Lasix showed a tendency to influence male erectile function. In the case of long-term treatment with this drug, men can observe a loss of sensitivity of the genitals, as well as a tendency to erectile dysfunction. It is recommended to consult a doctor.


Lasix, like other preparations based on Furosemide, should be stored in a dry and dark place, avoiding sunlight. In this case, Lasix cannot be given to children and pets. Avoid places of high humidity to store the drug. Observe the expiration date and do not use the expired product.

Where can I buy Lasix?

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