Xanax from sweating: myth or reality?

Xanax from sweating: myth or reality? The problem of increased sweating disturbs about 3% of the people of our planet. The armpit zone most often suffers, but it also occurs on the palms, face, head, feet, or even in several places at once. It must be said that this ailment brings not only physical discomfort but also disorders of the nervous system and even neuroses. Strong excretion of sweat under the armpits or on other parts of the body hinders the actions of people, and in time, they already avoid acquaintances that would not spoil their mood or appetite with their appearance.

We must say, excessive sweating is a disease, and there is a cure for it. Drugs for the treatment of hyperhidrosis are not just gels and ointments. The problem of sweat under the armpits and on the rest of the body is eliminated with the help of tablets, as well as with the help of anticholinergic drugs, in particular, beta-blockers. Such drugs from excessive sweating reduce the work of sweat glands, thus reducing the problem of sweating.

But it should be remembered that the action on the body is not the most useful, but it is manifested in side effects:

  • dry mouth,
  • constipation,
  • problems with urination,
  • speech impairment,
  • difficulty in chewing, swallowing, as well as loss or disturbance of taste.

But probably the most unpleasant consequence is an addiction.

Doctors often prescribe tablets from hyperhidrosis in which there are chloral hydrate, calcium lactate, and sodium bromide. Such a medicine for increased sweating is used three times a day. If the patient has a general expressed form of hyperhidrosis, then powder atropine can also be prescribed.

Sedatives help with increased sweating. Knowing the cause of hyperhidrosis, for example, underarms, doctors can prescribe drugs against excessive sweating of the armpits that affect the psychological system of a person. Such treatment for sweat under the armpits, feet, palms or head passes with the use of sedatives or tranquilizers. Often, Xanax is used for this, despite the fact that there are also softer analogs in pharmacies. Xanax is a drug for the treatment of anxiety, using it only to reduce the level of sweating is risky because of the multitude of other effects.

The reason for prescribing a sedative to a patient is that the sweat problem in the underarm zone (or any other part of the body) is stress, excessive emotionality, or problems of a psychological nature.

It should be remembered that the duration of treatment with tranquilizers should not exceed 2-3 weeks because these tablets quickly become addictive.

These hyperhidrosis medications help cope with negative emotions that cause stress. After all, the stress, as it is known, leads to the raised sweating. Conversely, sweaty hands can easily lead to constant stress.

Be sure to remember that in addition to taking medicines and vitamins, you need to establish the proper nutrition and regime of the day. These measures strengthen the body and reduce sweating.

Xanax from sweating: myth or reality? Dr. F. Grombin
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