Treatment of epilepsy at the initial stage

Treatment of epilepsy at the initial stage Today, it is no longer a secret, how the symptoms of epilepsy manifest themselves in general: it is really easy to distinguish them from stroke, migraine attack, and other brain diseases. However, often the symptoms are not fully manifested. Men may be attacked by epileptic seizures more often than women may, whereas in young children any form of epilepsy does not cause an attack at all. It will be useful to read about all the symptoms and remember what distinguishes these or other signs.

It cannot be said that the disease does not respond to treatment. The timely administration of drugs can cure 65% of patients, both men, and women, without residual manifestations. Of course, 100% guarantee of treatment is given at the initial stage, when the symptoms are not yet developed enough.

It is established that epilepsy manifests itself even in a dream and can be transmitted, more often in the male line, although it happens that after several generations. There is a risk that the child will get signs of the disease if adults had infectious diseases, syphilis for the period of conception, or they were in alcoholic intoxication.

However, many cases of partial epilepsy are manifested in the course of acquired factors – after a bruise or stroke, cerebrovascular disease in the strong stage, posttraumatic pattern, infections or poisoning of the blood with toxins, etc.

Physicians distinguish several types of epileptic seizure, more precisely the disease itself, depending on how its symptoms manifest themselves and what causes the following:

  • idiopathic – primary,
  • cryptogenic – the cause is not completely established,
  • symptomatic – secondary, its signs are established,
  • generalized – affecting all parts of the brain,
  • focal – affecting one part of the brain.

As a rule, the first symptoms tell about themselves already in childhood, although if the disease is caused by the secondary factors, as in the posttraumatic picture, then it may well be in adults.

Aura is a condition that precedes the onset of a seizure. Manifestations depend on the location of the lesion and in each case, are individual. For example, the symptoms of temporal epilepsy can cause problems of anxiety, unjustified excitement. Among the signs of aura are hallucinations, a characteristic déjà vu syndrome, taste, auditory and olfactory hallucinations are possible. Also, the body temperature rises, the pressure and other characteristics of the body change.

Another type of seizure: a condition of convulsions that is intentionally caused by the body, which is a staged one. Sometimes a child tries to attract attention to him or her, or a person simulates disability. One way or another, you can distinguish a “pseudo-attack” from the real one. Firstly, no matter how skillfully a person simulates the symptoms, the phase of return to the normal state is invariably preserved after the attack. Also, when a seizure condition occurs on the body, traces of bruises and injuries rarely appear, even if a person falls on the ground. Finally, a person a priori cannot be irritable, consciously thinking and demanding something immediately after a seizure. Not to mention the increase in heart rate and pressure, body temperature – it is very difficult to forge similar characteristics.

For treatment, powerful drugs such as Klonopin and other antiepileptics available in pharmacies are used. They can almost completely exclude seizures, but they must be taken strictly in accordance with the doctor’s prescriptions.

Treatment of epilepsy at the initial stage Dr. F. Grombin
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