Is it possible to have an allergy to Imovane?

From a third to a half people suffer from insomnia or complain about a bad sleep. Maybe you are one of them. If yes, you probably thought about or even already took a pill that causes sleep. Such drugs can be an effective remedy for solving troubles with sleep. But it is very important that you understand and realize everything about their effect and risks.

Most of them are related to sedatives. This specific kind of medications is used to improve and/or maintain the normal quality of sleep.

New drugs help to reduce the time spent on falling asleep. These sleep-promoting medications, such as Imovane and Ambien, are not addictive. They act swiftly, increasing drowsiness and, accordingly, helping to fall asleep. Like all medications, sleeping pills have side effects. Although you do not know about it until you try this or that remedy.

allergy to Imovane? If you have asthma or some other illness, the doctor should warn about side effects that can appear. Drugs can slow down breathing process and make it the least deep. This can be very unsafe for people with uncontrolled lung problems, for example, asthma or another disease.

Some types of remedy have other possible unsafe side effects, among which there is parasomnia. Parasomnia is uncontrolled behavior and deeds. During an attack of parasomnia, you sleep and do not understand what is happening.

Parasomnia due to sleeping pills is a complex behavior that can include unconscious eating, calls or sex while sleeping. Driving during sleep is another severe side effect of sleeping pills. But very rarely the diagnosis of parasomnia, which is the result of taking certain pharmaceutical drugs, is a challenge.

Some people may have an allergic reaction when taking sleeping pills and, therefore, it is worth to renounce it. It is very important to consult a doctor at the first sign of severe side effects, including:

  • deterioration of vision or other difficulties with vision
  • chest pain
  • hardness of breathing or swallowing
  • rash
  • hoarseness
  • itching
  • nausea
  • sound heartbeat
  • dyspnea
  • vomiting.

In addition, a severe (even fatal) side effect of sleeping pills is anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction. Another possible side effect is angioedema, acute edema of the face. Therefore, especially if you are allergic, discuss all the possible side effects with your doctor.

It is often advisable to take sleeping pills before it is time to go to sleep. Be sure to read the summary on the use of sleeping pills. The specific information regarding this sleeping pill can be given. In addition, you must take a sleeping pill if you are convinced that you can take a nap for the required number of hours.

With unstable insomnia, a doctor can prescribe a sleeping pill for several weeks. But after a long reception of sleeping pills, the body stops responding to it and habituation is developed. In addition, there may develop a psychic dependence on sleeping pills. In this case, the idea of going to bed without sleeping pills starts to cause horror and anxiety.

Is it possible to have an allergy to Imovane? Dr. F. Grombin
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