Color therapy for weight loss: help for the tablets

Women, who maintain their forms on the same level, and those who want to lose weight, should know that colors could influence our spiritual state of mind, helping you fight with excess weight. In addition to taking such tablets as Meridia or Phentermine, surround you with the right colors and the process will go faster.

Don’t want to eat all that useful and healthy food? Think about what’s wrong with it: most likely it will be found out that part of the ingredients during cooking have lost their natural color. Despite the delicious smell, these dishes do not cause appetite, because earthy and marsh colors are associated with the rot in the brain.

Color therapy for weight loss Cook using steaming; eat vegetables and fruits, subjected to a minimal temperature treatment, then the plant pigments will not change so much. But if there is no possibility, then add some colors to the dish – use tomato slices, greens, and grated cheese.

The process of weight loss is not easy. But in order to make the effect of diet and fitness more noticeable, help the body spending 10-minute color meditation before the sleep.

Take a comfortable pose and imagine that you are in a forest glade in the summer. Inhale the samell of grass; feel that the energy of plants penetrates into you, updating every cell.

Psychologists have experimentally proved that white dishes prompt to send all the portion into the stomach, while dark green and gray significantly reduce the appetite from the dish, which leads to malnutrition at dinner and then to the desire to compensate for the lack of calories at night.

Therefore, experts consider violet and blue the most optimal colors for plates.

If you belong to emotional eaters, and when you come home from work in a state of stress ready to eat a half of a fridge, take on white magic.

First of all, after a busy day, make yourself comfortable in the bathroom. Arrange white candles along its perimeter and prepare a white towel and a white robe.

To defeat sadness and despondency, people prone to depression unconsciously use color therapy, but not always correctly. You should not choose an orange or red kitchen set. In a bright dining room, you will overeat.

Use warm shades for your office. In the kitchen, they are undesirable: they excite the nervous system and increase appetite.

For people who are overweight, color therapists recommend adding as many cold colors as possible – blue and its shades – to the interior of their kitchen or dining room (curtains, potholders, towels, napkins, vases, cooking utensils, etc.). Do not necessarily paint the refrigerator in blue; just hang any image in a cold color scheme on it (reproduction of the picture, for example, which draws a bouquet of forget-me-nots or lilacs).

The organs on which yellow acts are nerves, brain, lymphatic system, gall bladder, stomach, and duodenum. Yellow color has a cleansing effect on the digestive organs, liver, and skin.

Even small details in the house can make miracles. Let one of the rooms in your house be filled with yellow accessories – yellow lights, pillows, flower pots, frames for photos. A quick look at the solar objects will help cleanse your body. You can also take a washcloth or a yellow brush for your daily self-massage.

Color therapy for weight loss: help for the tablets Dr. F. Grombin
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