Can Tramadol provoke erectile dysfunction?

“Painkillers can cause impotence!” – such sensational headlines have for some time become more frequent on the Web. It’s not from scratch, it’s not just a terrible story, but the data obtained from research.Can Tramadol provoke erectile dysfunction

The reason for this is a study of American scientists who observed a group of 81 men who regularly took analgesics for several years. At a quarter of them developed “hypogonadism,” a critical decline in the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone, with the development of a number of painful symptoms. At 34% the level of this hormone decreased less significantly. In the sixth part of the patients participating in the study, in general, classical impotence developed. But at least some of the negative effects of analgesics on testosterone levels were not avoided by either of them.

American researchers worked with people taking “opioids” – quite simply, “narcotic analgesics.” To which, contrary to common misconceptions, relate not only opium, heroin, morphine and other powerful drugs, but also codeine-based pain relievers, including Tramadol. It acts on the same opioid receptors in the brain cells, causing, albeit less pronounced, the effect on the model of pure preparations.

Common analgesic drugs, not related to narcotic analgesics, act entirely on other mechanisms. Accordingly, they cannot exert such negative influence on the male sexual system, as it was revealed in the study of Americans.

Regular tablets against pain can be taken without fear – of course, remembering that they also have their contraindications and side effects. However, it’s not worth fearing impotence even from the occasional reception of more powerful codeine-containing medications with severe pain – the harm in this regard can only come after months and years of regular admission.

Of course, we must understand that any medicine, in its essence, is a poison – it all depends on the dose. But sometimes even the most scrupulous selection of a dose does not guarantee the absence of side effects, which manufacturers honestly warn users of their products.

The drug is made for treatment, so you need to make a choice in favor of the more important, which in this case is the patient’s health. Narcotic analgesics are given for a long time in diseases accompanied by severe pain, which is exhausting the patient. It can be a neurological pain (neuritis, especially the trigeminal nerve, radiculitis, spinal hernia), trauma, malignant tumors, etc.

With this pathology, sick men, in any case, need to refrain from performing their “male” functions, so, to refuse adequate anesthesia due to fear of “stop being a man”, perhaps, it is not worth it. After the end of treatment, even in the presence of consequences caused by taking a powerful drug from a pharmacy, you can medically affect and treat impotence. The decrease in testosterone levels with the long-term use of opioids is reversible in most cases.

Can Tramadol provoke erectile dysfunction? Dr. F. Grombin
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