Can I use Clomid for losing weight?

Can I use Clomid for losing weight? Dr. F. Grombin



Let’s talk about the influence of certain hormones on the body, in particular – on a set of muscle mass. Estrogens (female hormones) are present in the male body. And, although they are necessary for regulating the process of muscle growth and activation of immunity, there are still situations when they circulate in the body in increased concentration, and this is undesirable since the increase in female hormones causes an increased likelihood of developing breast cancer in women and libido decreases in both sexes. In addition, a high content of estrogen leads to flatulence, acne, gynecomastia in men, and difficulty in reducing weight.

The pituitary gland is the endocrine gland located in the cranial cavity and regulating the level of the main hormones, including testosterone (male sex hormone). Estrogens can inhibit the production of the male sex hormone due to the effect on the pituitary gland on the principle of feedback (that is, the more female hormones the less will be male hormones).

To reduce the activity, special preparations have been created under the general name of antiestrogens, which can be used to solve the above problems: in order to increase strength, to gain muscle mass and at the same time to reduce the total weight (additionally by removing excess fluid from adipose tissue).Can I use Clomid for losing weight

Increased strength

Antiestrogens, including Clomid and other remedies from the pharmacies and sport nutrition stores, affect not only the level of testosterone circulation, but also the level of luteinizing hormone of the pituitary (LH), which also contributes to the collection of muscle mass, and as a result, an increase in strength indicators. But still, not all estrogens are inhibited by anti-estrogens. Only those that are needed by the body remain intact.

As a result of the use of these drugs, testosterone and LH levels increase. There is a rapid recovery after training, which is quite effective. Antiestrogens are used by bodybuilders for one more purpose: to reduce the manifestation of flatulence, which often occurs during the steroid cycle.

Body weight adjustment

A set of fat mass is one of the consequences of the strong effect of estrogens, especially in women. But the liver is involved in the regulation of this process. If it suffers, the metabolic products, toxins and excess hormones, including estrogens, are not excreted, as they should. If female hormones are not excreted by the work of this parenchymatous organ, they cause an increase in the growth of fat cells. The upper half of the thighs and lower half of the abdomen increase in volume, since the fat in them is deposited in excess. The use of estrogens leads to the loss of total body weight due to a decrease in the level of female sex hormones, as a result of which the intensity of the process of formation of lipocytes (fat cells) is taken under control. Pay attention those of you who want to lose weight.

Dosing regimen of antiestrogens

Individual characteristics of the body are to be determined by the dosage of antiestrogens. Usually, a dosage of 50-100 mg/day is prescribed, but the dose calculation depends on the drug itself, so do not exceed the dose indicated on the package. Be sure to consult with your doctor before starting taking medications, he should choose an individual dosage to avoid side effects of antiestrogens.

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