Ativan (Lorazepam)

Information about Ativan

Generic Ativan is a powerful medicine that is used to treat mental illness. This medicine has both, beneficial effect and can cause various negative consequences. Depending on the condition of the body and the amount of the drug that you take, you will get the effect of varying strength. Ativan is easy to find online. Generic Lorazepam in the drug does not allow it to dissolve quickly in water. It looks like white powder.


The main reason why patients take Generic Ativan and other drugs based on Lorazepam are attacks of neuroses. This medicine helps to cope with mood swings and relieves irritation. Also among the reasons for applying Ativan can be identified:

  • panic attacks,
  • a variety of phobias,
  • violations of normal sleep,
  • rehabilitation period.

Often, Ativan is prescribed for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive syndrome, and even in severe cases.

Doctors recommend using Ativan with epilepsy to eliminate seizures and the negative consequences of this disease.

Negative consequences

Ativan is a powerful drug that has its own characteristics and affects the body in a special way. For example, side effects can manifest themselves in several areas at once, including:

  • allergy,
  • pain,
  • nervous attacks of panic or discomfort.

Among the side effects that happen almost constantly, doctors allocate:

  • headache,
  • problems with sleep,
  • nausea,
  • scabies.

Lorazepam affects the entire body; it is also able to influence the overall chemical composition of blood and plasma, so the patient’s comfort during treatment should always undergo a clear and regular monitoring. This means that the supervision of a doctor is highly recommended. The influence of Ativan on the body can be studied mainly through these analyses, which will help you to learn about specific aspects of the effect of the drug on your internal organs. Even if you decide to take Ativan without prescription, it means that in the case of a malaise or suspicion of the wrong effect, you need to see a doctor. Admission of Lorazepam without prescription is recommended only in the absence of serious internal diseases.

Overdose of Ativan

Do not exceed the permissible amount of Lorazepam per day. In this case, Lorazepam can be either part of Ativan or part of another drug. The body is struggling hard with the excess of Ativan, so you need to pay attention to the side effects immediately:

  • discomfort in the stomach,
  • violations of the usual regime of blood pressure,
  • bouts of nausea.

Side effects with an overdose can have different strengths. It is important to know exactly what amount of the drug you are taking because it will be easier to cope with the consequences with that knowledge.


There is a list of diseases that are incompatible with Ativan. Lorazepam should not be taken to people who are allergic to this substance, and Ativan is prohibited for glaucoma patients.

Another important contraindication: Ativan and Lorazepam cannot be taken during pregnancy and lactation because the drug can have a negative effect on the body. Also, Ativan is forbidden for children and adolescents under 18 years of age.


Ativan is able to penetrate the child’s body if the nursing mother or pregnant woman is taking the medicine. The drug has a negative effect on the growing body.

Possible risk

Note that Ativan can significantly exacerbate the patient’s negative mood and lead to addiction. Observe the general maximum treatment period, so you can avoid excessive addiction and easily finish the treatment.

Also, doctors do not recommend taking Ativan together with alcohol and any other potent substances. A negative reaction may appear when interacting with neuroleptics and antidepressants. When you take Ativan, you should note only a favorable effect and should not experience discomfort. Otherwise, it can be attributed to side effects. Or stop taking the drug in such a case. Be careful and, if necessary, consult a doctor.

Duration of treatment

Ativan and other drugs based on a potent Lorazepam are not recommended for longer than a month and a half. Also, the course of treatment of Ativan can be repeated if necessary. But before that, it is necessary to take a break to restore the body, and so the remains of Ativan left your body.

Storage Rules

Keep this drug in a cool dry place, avoiding high humidity and temperature changes. The maximum permissible storage temperature is room one. Keep the drug out of the reach of children and pets. It is also important to monitor the expiration date since the drug cannot be taken after its expiration.

Where can I purchase Ativan?

Thanks to the development of modern technologies, you can easily buy Ativan online in just a few minutes. Just add the drug to the cart and you can buy Lorazepam online with the delivery. Use the convenient service of our pharmacy and get the right medicines without prescription!

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