Ambien (Zolpidem)

Generic Ambien: general information about the drug

Zolpidem is the active ingredient of Generic Ambien, which exists as a high-quality analog of sleeping pills. Generic Zolpidem, in view of its capacity, is used in cases of severe diseases. Ambien is fast: it takes only 15 minutes to get a deep sleep. Deep sleep is not a guarantee of prolonged sleep, which will be characterized by calm and lack of awakening. Ambien helps to relax and plunge into a state in which it is easier to fall asleep. So, in most cases, Zolpidem as part of Ambien provokes a prolonged sleep.


The maximum duration of treatment is usually not more than six weeks; this period is optimal for severe cases of diseases. In most cases, Zolpidem can cope with the problem in as little as two weeks. However, other drugs based on a similar drug like Ambien do not give such impressive effect. It is also important to pay attention to the availability of this drug: you can easily buy Ambien online without prescription. In case you take Zolpidem without prescription, try to follow the instructions exactly since an overdose can be unsafe.

Third-party effects

Ambien with a powerful main component can provoke side effects even with strict adherence to the instructions. When going to use Ambien without prescription, make sure that your body is ready for possible consequences. Most often, doctors identify safe side effects, such as:

  • headache,
  • problems with coordination,
  • digestive disorders,
  • mood swings.

If you buy Zolpidem online, try to purchase the strictly required quantity of the product. Another problem of Ambien is that it is able to cause addiction when the drug is too active and long-taken.

Risk of overdose

Ambien is a powerful drug that has a strong effect on the body. You can take it together with some drugs, but it is better to refrain from creating such cocktails from tablets to avoid overdose with potent substances. Side effects can occur in any person, regardless of age and condition, but most affected are elderly patients and patients with heart’s, liver’s and other internal organs’ troubles. If negative side effects are found, seek help as soon as possible.

First aid

Overdose of Ambien requires immediate medical attention. To get the help that will most effectively relieve you of the negative consequences, be sure to tell your doctor, which medications you took and how much. There are several ways to neutralize the effect of drugs in an overdose, one of which is the use of Flumazenil. Flumazenil is universal, but it is recommended to use it only under conditions of stationary treatment under the supervision of a doctor.


Zolpidem in Ambien can be determined by chemical analysis. The doctor can detect Ambien in your blood or plasma. In case you are for any reason unable to report the amount of the drug taken, the analysis will help to find out and prescribe the correct treatment for you.


There are several basic rules for those who take Ambien and other preparations based on Zolpidem. You need to completely exclude interaction with technology, be it a car or special equipment of any kind. If you are to take the pill while driving a car, postpone taking Ambien before you are in a safe place.

Also, elderly patients are at risk. If your age is more than 60 years, be especially careful with the dosage and consult your doctor at the first suspicion of side effects. Ambien should not be taken with alcohol. It is necessary to exclude interaction with other potent substances in a case you are already undergoing treatment. This may not only exacerbate the negative symptoms but also eliminate the positive effect.

It is not recommended to take the drug to patient with the gastro esophageal disease. Also, reception is forbidden for pregnant and lactating women. Refrain from taking Ambien in a case you are a nursing mother or plan to become pregnant because the drug can get into the baby’s body. With the critical need to take the drug, it is recommended to exclude the treatment without prescription and be under constant medical supervision.

Common application

Ambien is used not only by ordinary patients but also for military purposes. For example, in the US Army, Zolpidem as part of Ambien is used as a drug that helps to immerse a person in a dream in order to make up for an important mission. Often because of excitement, soldiers and pilots cannot sleep, but Ambien helps to cope with this task.

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