Accutane (Isotretinoin)

Accutane and force of its action

Generic Accutane is a drug that will help you to stay always beautiful. For the most part, Accutane works on the skin – cleans it and helps to fix the achieved result. The Generic Accutane contains the substance Isotretinoin, which acts similarly to retinol. Accutane, in addition to Generic Isotretinoin, contains vitamins that help to maintain the natural balance of the skin and preserve its natural beauty.

It is difficult to name a more effective drug: no cases of negative influence or lack of positive results have been recorded so far. Accutane with Isotretinoin helps to get rid of pimples and ensures that they do not return to the skin and leave it clean. As for the name of the drug, Generic Accutane is an analog of a well-known original medicine, created from no less active and active ingredients; however, the price for such a drug is much lower. You can buy Accutane online at our pharmacy and make sure that Isotretinoin without prescription is literally impossible to be found at a more affordable price.

Detailed Information

More than thirty years have passed since the German drug Accutane appeared on the market and literally saved many people from the unpleasant consequences of diseases and skin problems. Since then, the active effect of the drug is preserved solely due to the combination of Isotretinoin, retinol and vitamin A, which is found in Accutane. This is a powerful enough drug; it can provoke side effects and has its contraindications. This means that to achieve maximum effect, Accutane must be taken in full compliance with the instruction. If you are sure that you have no contraindications to taking this drug, you can buy Isotretinoin online and take Accutane without prescription according to the rules that are described in the brochure attached to the drug. However, if you have any doubts, it is better to seek help from a doctor.

How to recognize Accutane?

Externally, the drug looks like an oval capsule in a dense white shell. Isotretinoin in Accutane is practically tasteless; it is easy to swallow. One capsule may contain different amounts of active ingredient Isotretinoin, so always pay attention to the amount of it and do not take more than 40 mg per day.


Since the main component of Accutane is bound by action with retinoic acid, Isotretinoin acts potently and efficiently. This can provoke side effects.

Third-party effects

To the positive effect did not become negative, you can apply Accutane only according to the prescriptions. As for contraindications, the effect for patients may be harmful if the patient is:

  • under 18 years,
  • suffering from suicidal tendencies,
  • pregnant or attempting to become pregnant,
  • breastfeeding.

Taking the drug by nursing and pregnant women is strictly prohibited. To find a way out of the situation, consult a doctor: he or she will help you to find the optimal analog or choose another solution.

Even if you are not at risk, you can still notice some side effects. These include, for example:

  • disturbance of the work of auditory organs,
  • violation of pressure standards,
  • sharp mood swings.

Mood swings can provoke both a sense of euphoria and thoughts of suicide and other negatives. At the same time, the patients most affected by these side effects are those who have already suffered similar problems in poorly expressed form.

Try to be under constant supervision during the active phase of the drug Accutane; this will help you to avoid negative consequences.

Accutane acts as an antibiotic, and side effects resemble the standard side effects of exposure to a potent substance. If you do not exceed the dosage and monitor your condition, nothing threatens you.


Once you decide to take this medication, you need to calculate the amount of the dose. Usually, Accutane is to be taken at a rate of 1 mg per 1 kg of weight or appointed in a standard dosage of 40 mg. If the effect seems to be insufficiently powerful, you can double the dose. Take the drug twice a day, drinking the tablets with water. Perhaps in the case of a very serious illness, the second stage of treatment may be required, but between two stages, it is recommended to make a pause of at least two months. To remove residual problems and cleanse the skin, you can reduce the dosage during the second stage, so the body will be subjected to less pressure.

The maximum allowable dose, considering all the enhancements, is no more than 2 mg per 1 kg of weight or not more than 80 mg per day. This is a very large amount of the drug, which can provoke a more severe form of side effects. If this treatment does not help you, perhaps the problem is in the individual reaction to the drug, and you should consult a doctor. The results of the analyses can demonstrate the reason why Accutane can’t cope with the treatment.

Where can I buy Accutane?

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